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Pruning grape vines

15 April 2015

The pruning of our vines started in late December on our most late varieties Carignan and Mourvèdre and continued on our Syrah and Grenache.

The promise of a good quality

All our plots are cut and shaped according to a Cordon de Royat pruning, short size which is the most used in our Mediterranean vineyards. This process also limits the production of grapes contrary to the Guyot one.

La taille des vignes - Domaine Faverot

Pruning grape vines – Domaine Faverot


The vineyards of Protected Origin Appellation Luberon, we leave 4-5 spurs with 2 eyes in order to limit the production of grapes. We also master the force of our vineyards, not only with the mode and quality of size, but also by planting grass on our plots.
At the Domaine Faverot, some of our vines are over 100 years old and for 2 years, we began to take winter pruning or dry pruning to lower the height of the stem. The example of our old Carignan vines of the Domaine Peyre is striking with their significant height in the middle of the other parcels. We have kept them as fossils because the grapes they produce is enhanced with time; but care must be taken to fight against height by lowering little by little by the appropriate cut.
This dry cut job starts in winter and continues in the spring with green pruning also called budding. Green pruning helps prepare winter pruning leaving the buds that will be the future spurs.


La taille de formation - Domaine Faverot

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Since the end of March we are starting the first year cut of our plantiers to be the beginning of what is called: training cut.

We let two eyes the first winter and the strongest and most straight branch in the second year and then we shape the vine arm the third year.

Sunny days begin to arrive so we hope a good bud, that is to say the output of small buds and small leaves in our vineyards.


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