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Charming cottages in the heart of the Luberon

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Tourist Attractions

“In this tourist guide, discover some of the tourist attractions in the Luberon that are well worth the visit…”



The Truffle and Wine Center in the Luberon is the ideal place for wine and truffle lovers.  Come from December through February for the Tuber Melanosporum or from April through July for the summer truffle.  Wine lovers will have their pick of regional wines, as nearly all wines with the appellation label from Luberon, Ventoux, and Pierrevert are represented here at Maison de la Truffe et du Vin.
Maison de la Truffe et du Vin
Place de l’Horloge 84560 MENERBES
Téléphone: +33(0)4 90 72 38 37  Email:

foret-cedresTHE CEDAR FOREST

Situated between Bonnieux, Lacoste and Ménerbes, The Cedar Forest is a 250-acre zone of planted forest started in 1861 with seeds harvested in the Middle Atlas of Algeria.  The Cedar Forest is also home to several rare and protected species of plants.




mont-ventouxMONT VENTOUX

The Mont Ventoux, also known as the « Giant of Provence », is the highest mountain in the region, reaching some 1912 meters high.  Legendary amongst bicycling enthusiasts worldwide, every year The Mont Ventoux attracts countless cyclists who come to ride up to its summit.





Situated at the bottom of the Aiguebrun valley, you will find the magnificent vertical cliffs (30-120 meters high) of the town of Buoux.  They are a favorite destination of avid rock climbers, both local and worldwide.




  Mourre-negreLE MOURRE NEGRE

Le Mourre Negre is the highest peak in the Grand Luberon reaching 1125 meters in altitude.  With an altitude change of 600 meters from the start of the circuit, the summit offers spectacular 360° views! On a clear day you can see the Southern Alpes, the Durance Valley, the Sainte Victoire, the Alpilles hills, the Mediterranean Sea and the Mont Ventoux.
On foot, follow the GR92. On mountain bike use the trails starting in Auribeau or Lourmarin.




From mid-June to mid-August the Luberon is one big lavender field! Making for fantastic photos and perfume-rich bouquets to bring back home with you.
Lavender or lavandin? …. Lavender grows between 500m and 1700m of altitude.  It offers the highest quality essential oils.  Lavandin is the more commonly cultivated species and the most productive.  It grows between 0 and 600 m of altitude and its essential oil is produced through distillation. Lavender oil is often used in the perfume industry and in house cleaning products.  It is also used in pharmaceuticals due to its medicinal properties: antiseptic, anti-bacterial, disinfecting, soothing, antispasmodic, as well as for its healing properties.  It can be applied directly on the skin to sooth insect bites and small burns.  Lavender oil can also be used for cooking! And since bees love to gather the lavender nectar, there are many apiculturists in the region who produce excellent lavender honey.  To enjoy the most beautiful lavender fields in the Luberon, we recommend that you stroll between Bonnieux, Buoux and especially Sault.


This enchanting and unique place will amaze you.  You may think you’re in Colorado due to the naturally ochre colored sands that change from bright red to saffron yellow, depending on the sunlight.  Between Rustrel, Gardas and Roussillon, you will find a unique landscape made up of incredible colors.  We recommend that you spend some time and walk along the ochre trail in Roussillon, discover “Provencal Colorado” and visit the ochre mines in Bruoux and its impressive mining tunnels. Must see:
– The Conservatory of Ochre and Color in Roussillon
– Bruoux Ochre Mining Tunnels in Gargas
– The Ochre Trail in Roussillon
– « Provencal Colorado » in Rustrel


This visit allows you to see what some believe to have been a Celtic or Waldensian village.   Here you will find Bories (stone huts), animal pens and water wells directly carved into the stones, all still extraordinarily well preserved.  The Enclos de Bories also offers a unique panorama of the village of Bonnieux, the Luberon and the Mont Ventoux.
Tous les jours d’avril à novembre : de 10 h à 19h
Tarifs : 5 euros à partir de 12 ans




This village, abandoned some 150 years ago, is believed to have been occupied during the time of the Ligures (ancient Indo-European people), who occupied the region several hundred years ago.  In the ancient village you can still see: sheep pens, bread ovens, wine cisterns, original narrow roads and houses (Bories).  The Bories, also known as “Gallic Huts”, were built in stone without mortar.
Les savournins 84220 Gordes
Tel. 04 90 72 03 48
Toute l’année à partir de 9h.
Tarif : 6 € adultes et 4 € enfants



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